1. A merchant service broker is the only way to go in this type of market. Local reps and shopping on your own is just way too time consuming and can become costly. Do like i did and let a SekureCard broker do all the work for you.

  2. I was paying upwards of 5% for all my credit card transactions and Sekure helped save me over 1400 dollars a year. I am not here to tell other merchants what to do, but it’s worth a try. You have nothing to lose!

  3. I recieved many visits from my local bank and the local rep who sells their merchant services and signed up for great rates. Things were great for 3 months. Next i recieved a call from their customer care dept and was told my current terminals were no longer PCI compliant and was told i needed to lease 2 new machines at 50 dollars each for 24 months. What a nightmare!!!! My rates were jacked up and now im stuck with this lease no matter what i do. 2 weeks ago i recieved a call from a John at Sekure Card who advised me that i was not stuck with these rates at all. He did tell me that i had to continue paying the lease on my 2 new terminals, but he could save me money on my rates and reprogram the 2 terminals and when i was done leasing them i would recieve 2 new terminals at no cost to me. They saved me 194 dollars per month and now the savings pays my lease fees and more.

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